Tim Driman in Top 10 in “Photo is Light 2020” Nature Category

Tim Driman is one of the in Top 10 winners in the in Nature Category of “Photo is Light 2020” edition.

It’s been six years since South Africa, Tim Driman, broke away from the corporate world to focus on photography and a passion for nature, especially the wilds of Sub-Saharan Africa. He and his wife started in photography in the late 90’s, at the beginning of the digital age. They decided that photography would take them to spectacular places and, when they returned home, they could relive those memories over and over again on their computers. According to the photographer, it is like an addiction for the couple and they can never have enough.

Tim Driman and his wife started with a Canon DSLR. When Sony launched the A9i in 2017, he managed to get a few more accessories, as the camera was not yet available in South Africa. After testing the equipment by photographing Carmine Bee-eater birds (at an iconic breeding colony on the Zambezi River, in Namibia) he was delighted with the results. Today, when he shots, he takes at least two Mirrorless into the bush.

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