16ft Crocodile Swings Catfish through the Air

CAT FIGHT Moment 16ft crocodile swings catfish through the air tearing it apart as it savages its prey

Original article in The Sun, by Alice Fuller – 6 Jul 2021

Disturbing images have captured a 16ft crocodile swinging a catfish through the air as it savages its prey.

The beast tore the fish apart with such brute force its body was left in pieces – which were then gulped down in less than a minute. In one image, the Nile croc is seen launching itself into the water while another shows it grabbing the fish wriggling with fright. The next illustrates the moment the crocodile smashes the 26-pound catfish from side to side before decapitating it and leaving its body scattered across the swampy waterhole in pieces.

The images were taken by wildlife photographer, Tim Driman.

He captured the vicious kill in the Okavango Delta, Botswana, from 82-feet away using a Sony A9i camera and a Sony 400mm lens. The crocodile devoured its tasty treat whole in less than a minute.

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