What’s in the bag?


With airlines being so strict these days, it is important to carry the right equipment in the right bag. The bag should comply to international cabin standards (L 500mm x W 400mm x H 250mm) and the mass should not exceed 20 kilograms.

I presently use the Kiboko Bag and a Bataflae bag  by Gura Gear (www.guragear.com). Designed and marked by the American Wild life photographer, Andy Biggs who spends a lot of time in Sub-Saharan Africa. They are tough, light, waterproof (with their own rain hoods) and designed for the harsh African conditions.

This bag holds:
1 x Canon 1DX
1 x Canon 1D Mkiv
1 x  7D Body
1 x  200mm-400mf4 +1.4X  lens
1 x  70mm-200mmf2.8 Mkii lens
1 x  18mm – 200mm f3.5-f5.6 lens
1 x  16mm – 35mmf2.8 lens
1 x  Spare battery for each body
2 x  Battery chargers
1 x  EX 580 Flash (plus 4 x spare lithium-ion batteries and charger)
1 x  Better Beamer flash enhancer
1 x  Set tubes 12mm, 20mm, 36mm
3 x  Polarising filters
3 x  Large lens cloths
1 x  Lens Pen
1 x  Combo Screw driver
1 x   Head-mounted flash-light
1 x  Hat
…making a total of 20 kilos.

Manfrotto – 680 Monopod

Compact Flash Cards

  • ScanDisk 6 x  32 Gig – Extreme Pro (90 Meg per sec) x 3
  • ScanDisk 6 x    8 Gig – Extreme iv (60 Meg per sec) x 3
  • ScanDisk  4 x   8 Gig – Extreme iv (45 Meg per sec) x 3

(I do not use any storage devices while on a trip and prefer to use more compact flash cards.)

Kingston Card Reader – USB 3.0

Processing Software

  • Lightroom 5.3
  • Adobe Photoshop CS4
  • Fast Stone Image Viewer