Rhino Army


To Serve & Protect

The Wildlands Conservation Trust is a non-profit organisation and registered charity, actively raising funds & implementing rhino conservation projects in Kwazulu-Natal, with a vision to ultimately expand these projects countrywide.
Rhino poaching is driven by sophisticated syndicates using world class technology. Thus the Wildlands Conservation Trust is investing in projects and tools which it believes will help counter these syndicates, namely Project Rhino Tracker and Project Rhino Aerial Support. Rhino Army is a venture led by concerned business leaders and endorsed by Wildlands. By purchasing the Rhino Army Badge attached to this ‘rhino tag’, you are making a contribution of R10 directly to the Wildlands’ anti-poaching operations. Wildlands sees the participation of Rhino Army in combatting poaching as an important part of its broader rhino conservation activities.

The Wildlands Conservation Trust urgently needs reinforcements in the war against rhino poaching. The Rhino Army has heeded this call and is mobilising its troops for active service in the combat zone. Our rhino are being driven to the brink of extinction by ruthless poachers. Act now and join the Rhino Army!

With your help Rhino Army was able to hand over a cheque for R150,000 on 29 November 2012 at the Durban City Hall to Wildlands Conservation Trust. Wildlands are actively trying to find long term solutions to environmental challenges, including the on-going rhino poaching onslaught. In this effort they are working closely with a number of other organisations to develop a co-ordinated and effective response.