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Fish Eagle Grabs Friend’s Catch

Fish Eagle Grabs Friend’s Catch

There might be such a thing as a free lunch after all! Fish Eagle tries to grab friend’s catch from his claws as they hunt on African river.

By Poppy Danby forĀ MailOnline – The Daily Mail

This is the dramatic moment a sneaky eagle crept up on another bird in a bid to steal its fish supper. The lucky African Fish Eagle was on the hunt for food when it spotted a fish and swooped down to catch it from beneath the waves. However, it didn’t realise that another cheeky African was hot on its heels to make a swift snatch-and-grab attempt and was forced to make a quick getaway.


Fishy situation: The sneaky sea eagle tried to swoop down on another bird and steal its lunch on the Chobe River in Namibia, Africa

Luckily the would-be thief wasn’t quick enough and the successful fish eagle flew off with its prized catch. The majestic images were captured by photographer Tim Driman, 68, on the Chobe River in Nambia, Africa. Tim from Durban, South Africa, said: ‘My wife, Yvonne, and I were on a small boat and had been watching the bird’s behaviour until they were comfortable enough not to be concerned about our presence.


Getting in a flap: In a hasty snatch-and-grab attempt another cheeky African flew hot on the heels of the other bird in an attempt to snatch its food


Winging it: Jealous of his friend’s dinner, the would-be-thief crept up on the unsuspecting bird from behind


Catch of the day: The proud African Fish Eagle held the fish in its talons, unaware that its friend wanted to reap the rewards of its hard work


Eagle eyed: Photographer, Tim Driman, 68, said he was prepared for action, but never dreamed that he would manage to catch two birds competing for the same fish


Making a splash: Despite being hungry, the lazy eagle wasn’t quick enough to successfully steal the fish

‘You can’t plan nature, but being trained FGASA game rangers we understand animal and bird behaviour so we could see that they were hungry, and anticipated that they would eventually have to catch a fish during the six days that we spent on that stretch of the Chobe River.

‘We were pretty well prepared for action, but never dreamed that we would manage to catch two birds competing for the same fish.


The hunger games: Tim and his wife were on a small boat and had been watching the bird’s behaviour until they were comfortable enough not to be concerned about their presence

‘I watched the one bird start its flight off its high perch, started to follow it through the viewfinder, but then a second bird appeared so I started releasing the shutter as I noticed them dipping down towards the water.

‘To me it was a good enough signal to tell me that the dip in flight indicated the strong probability that there was unsuspecting prey near the surface of the water.

‘At first I thought that I had captured one or two frames, but after viewing the screen at the back of the camera, I was euphoric.’


Flying high: The triumphant eagle managed to escape and flew away with its dinner


Left preying for food: The would-be-thief flew away from the scene of the crime empty handed

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